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Hair in dreams, including eyebrows, eyelashes and other body hair, reflects feelings and/or concerns about appearance and social presentation in waking life. Hair falling out, missing or that has turned gray is a common symbol, reflecting concerns about advancing age or passing beauty. Long hair is a symbol of creativity. Red and dyed hair can indicate passion and either creativity or conformity. Gray hair symbolizes awareness or concern related to aging. Cut hair symbolizes creativity curtailed. To cut, shave off or pull out your hair (or that of another) in a dream commonly reflects feelings that you (or they) did or said something recently that will change how others see you (or them), either physically or socially. If someone cuts your hair off, pulls it out or did something to it against your will or that you didn't like, it reflects feelings that someone did or said something to make you look bad to others. Because feelings IN dreams are never disguised, how you feel about your hair (or that of another) IN the dream reflects how you feel about your (or their) appearance and/or social presentation.

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