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I felt the seizure

5 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Longsleeper

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  • I'm 22/black/female Cpl. with state of Florida. Not a nightmare because I was not frightened however I was scared if that makes sense. The dream consisted of my mother, sister, and I in a car while my mom is driving. At the start of the dream I'm having a conversation with my mom as a passenger as we are making a lane change to turn left. In the left turning lane a black sedan begins to drift over as if cutting us off. I warn my them and my mom by tapping on my window, I dont know why I didn't do it verbally, suddenly I am a back seat passenger. The sedan eventually side swaps ups into crashing and now it becomes a hit and run. We are out of the car and I'm asking my mom if she wants me to check the dash camera while holding my left knee that is in mild pain. She waves me off multiple times. I see a person on all black tuning across the street the up stairs to a house or building. A deputy comes outside with the person. Both I can see are women. The deputy says "that's why the woman ran into the building your cars break mars start here" I look down we are no longer on a main street road but a neighborhood like setting. I can see the tire marks of our car in gravel from when we went off road. I didn't think our stop was that long it just seemed as though we came to a quick crash. The deputy begins talking to my mom a good 7yards from me with my moms back toward me when my vision becomes blurry and in slow motion I fall to ground on my right shoulder. I can hear the deputy say they have to turn me on my side, there liquid I can feel common out of my mouth, I'm shaking. Someone's fingers are touching my back trying to feel for pain, it tickles, as they push against my spine it turns into severe pain my vision is now hot white and I'm crying. I scream out they put me back on my back and I clench my hands as the pain begins to stop. I try to speak to my mom she's calling me her baby but doesn't understand me she thinks in trying to tell her I'm gay but its not that its something important. I wake up in backpain drooling tears in my eyes.

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