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First time this happens.

4 years 2 months ago #1 by Dali91

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  • Last night I went into a deep sleep like usual, but around 4 in the morning I was awoken abruptly due to a nightmare I am about to describe..

    I can recall being in a house with one other person, there were some vocabulary words mentioned I can remember along the line of "the occult" (I don't remember the sentences, just that keyword). I was standing next to this person I think arguing when all of a sudden they placed their hand in my heart and caused my heartbeat to accelerate to a point where it was hard for me to grasp air to even talk. I struggled to yell out "stop" I could feel a huge frustration because the feeling would not go away. Once I was able to mumble "STOP" I woke up and realized I had actually yelled stop in real life too. Once I woke up it went away but I felt as if I had just ran a marathon, I was so confused and scared to go back to sleep. I have been trying to search for an explanation but have found none.

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