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Im confused and kinda freaked out...

4 years 2 months ago #1 by LaBrecque

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  • o I had a weird dream last night and it kinda freaked me out.
    - I was walking down a long hallway that lead me to a large Oak double door. As I got closer tothe door the temperature dropped and I began to see my breath. I opened the door and stepped in to a large round room. The room was cold but it had a warm feeling to it. The floors were Red Oak and the walls were draped in red sheets, there were no windows and a large chandelier hung in the center of the ceiling. There was a young girl standing alone in the center of the room and I was drawn to her. She had hollow eyes and long dark hair. She was wearing a short sleeve white button up shirt with a sweater vest over it, a knee high plaid skirt, knee high white socks and black flats. She looked at me and it felt like she was looking right through me. She said in a soft voice " I can do a trick, wanna see?" I said " Sure, show me." She then knelt to the floor, leaned over so her face was nearly touching the wood, took a deep breath and blew on it. The floor around her started to frost over and before I knew it I was standing on ice. She skated twoard me and grasped my hand and we began skating around the room. As we were skating, my eyes were drawn to the center of the room once again where another girl that looked identical to the one I was skating with appeared, and another, and another. Soon there were at least ten identical girls standing in the center of the room in a circle, holding hands, facing outward. I leaned closer to the girl and asked " Who are you, and what is going on?" She didn't reply. I asked her again. No reply. At that moment a different girl appeared in the room. A much younger girl I'd guess between 5 and 6 years old. The little girl said " Tell him who you are, tell him what's going on." The girl did not answer. I was looking at the little girl when suddenly a pair of creepy hands came through the wall and arms wrapped around her tightly. Before I could react the little girl was snatched through the wall screaming. I quickly skated twoards the wall and jumped through the hole she was snatched from landing hard on the other side of the wall in a dark, dusty hallway with a faint fiery light at the end. I could see demon like creature ( had horns like a Ram, looked kinda like a creepy faun) running with the child clenched in its arms twoards the fiery light I screamed "NO! STOP!" and woke up.
    - I have no idea what the hell this dream was about but it freaked me the hell out. Anyone have any Ideas as to what it means

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