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Dark cloaked figure (demon) choking me in my dream

4 years 9 months ago #1 by SaKaTa

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  • It was quite a nightmare and I only slept for two hours. I checked my phone and saw between 2am and 4am I had this dream.
    There was a lot in my dream but one thing I remember clearly was I was in my bed.
    I looked and noticed a Dark hooded figure all in black could not see his face ( if that figure even had a face) he jumped from the ground and started choking me. I tried my best to fight it but my hands would keep going through him and then sometimes hit him.
    I started to pray to god to help me and I yelled this out and I was able to push the figure off of me to the ground where we continued to fight and I would still have my hands at times just go right through him like he was disappearing.

    The next part of my dream I was in a beautiful church, it was night and there were candles everywhere and priests.
    One came and talked to me and I told her about my dream.
    She told me in a very worried voice not to let it in my bed and that I need to " Fight my fears".

    I have been having nightmares for the past week now I can remember them mostly clearly which usually I never remember my dreams.
    Usually I am about to be killed in my dreams, but the people around me usually end up dying in front of me instead.

    Another dream I had which I ended up praying was I was being chased by a group of girls in the street, one by one they would catch up to me. They were trying to hurt me if not kill me they had weapons. I would start to pray to them saying I forgive them and so would jesus for what they would do to me.
    They start to cry with tears down their face and they walk away from me.
    One girl was about to stab me, I grabbed the knife and she sliced my hand so deep.
    After I prayed I looked and my hand started to heal before my eyes.

    My questions are, what is my dreams trying to tell me?
    Was that dark figure a bad spirit that entered my dream? I felt so scared and uneasy and usually in my nightmares I go through bad events but I never get this awful feeling. I was to scared to sleep as if something was in my room with me.
    Also when I wake up my energy feels taken from me.

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    4 years 8 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • Some of what you describe may not be dreams at all, but occurrences during sleep that may be symptomatic of a sleep disorder. A dark, cloaked and/or evil presence in the bedroom is often reflective of a confusional arousal, which is when you are caught between sleep and waking up. Given that, of particular concern is that of you choking, which is not infrequently a symbol of obstructed breathing during sleep or sleep apnea, especially when the setting of the dream is the bedroom. Sleep apnea is a life threatening sleep disorder, but the good news is that it 100% curable. Here's a link to a Sleep Apnea quiz on this site:
    If you have any doubt, please consult with a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine to find out for sure. Here is a link on this site that has more information about sleep apnea:

    Being strangled in a dream can also reflect feelings of someone "trying to choke your efforts to be heard or understood in waking life." The setting of your bedroom is not arbitrary. It should help clarify the issue about which you are not heard or understood as well as the strangler. Not knowing anything about you or the waking life background that generated your dreams, it's hard to say with certainty what that first dream means. It could be related to a sleep disorder(s) or on a psychological level, one possibility might be that you are having sexual feelings that you feel are being "choked" off by, perhaps, a parental figure.

    Here are links to the definitions of these and the other key symbols in your dream:

    evil spirit (variation of dark hooded figure):
    evil presence (variation of dark hooded figure):
    can't hit:

    As for the meaning of your other dreams, they do seem to reflect your fears about emotional attacks and injuries. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you feel IN your dream is how you feel about its subject in your waking life. Your dreams provide clues as to what those fears are and who is responsible. Physical attacks in dreams are often symbolic of emotional attacks in waking life. They seem to be coming from your peers. You might feel as if you are the victim of gossip or other verbal abuse, abuse that "cuts" you to the bone. Injury to the hand often reflects feelings of assistance denied or rejected. That is compatible with your prayers for your oppressors. The fact that your wound heals before your eyes reflects your awareness that through forgiveness, wounds are healed.

    Finally, you say that these dreams have been going on for a while. If you are having trouble figuring out the meaning of a recurring dream, think back to when it started. There you will find the origin of the unresolved issue in your waking life.

    If you still need help figuring out the meaning of your dream, please provide some background about your life (your age, school/work situation, and any other waking life issues that may have generated the feelings that you had in the dream.

    Hope this has been helpful. Good luck and stay true to yourself.

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