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Crazy Party Dream. Weird..

5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Phora

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  • So, this is a little weird. But here I go. All I remember is me and my guy friend, who I have a crush on, were hanging out around my grandpa's house with no family in it. It's a big house so there was a party going on with all my friends. Though I can't remember who. At one point, my guy friend and I were fooling around in my bedroom. At this time, everyone in the house was basically half naked or only wearing undergarments. I was only paying attention to my guy friend though. Anyway, me and my guy friend were walking up the stairs and my father saw us from the living room and followed us to my room and peeped through a little bit of the door. I didn't know anyone else was in the house in my dream, It was really weird. I wanted my dad to go away. In this dream I felt really happy and I felt safe until my dad saw us and then i was hiding. I also felt really anxious to fool around, per say, with my guy friend.

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    5 years 3 weeks ago #2 by Stella

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  • Your dream seems to reflect your feelings about your social life and "extra-curricular" interests/activities with your friends and crush... and your concerns about your parents awareness about any/all of it.

    To better help you understand its meaning, here are links to the definitions of the symbols in your dream:

    large house:
    fooling around (sex):

    The dream reflects your sexual curiosity and interest, but also your concerns that your parents "are watching." The dream reflects your self-consciousness and vulnerability about it all. Feelings in dreams are never disguised so how you feel IN your dream reflects how you feel about its subject in your waking life. You are anxious (eager) to fool around with your crush. You feel safe (and ready), but you feel as is your father is "watching." You want him to go away, but he doesn't and so you "hide," which reflects your desire to "avoid" that awkwardness of them knowing what you want to do.

    These are natural and common feelings for teenagers. Your mom and dad probably had the same feelings when they were your age. Your challenge, as it is for everyone your age, is to find a balance between your public and private desires so that you can be true to yourself without hiding.

    Good luck!

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