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my dream...(with background info)

5 months 4 weeks ago #1 by idealistdreamer

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    So I had a dream that I was at my “high school graduation” and we (my supposed “choir”) were wearing sparkly outfits but forgot to put the classier ones on over them, so my dad handed them to us at the last minute, and then we performed in them but we were supposed to take them off eventually, but it was messy and disorganized so we never really knew when to take off the classy outfits.

    Then, I went to a class that taught you how to prevent from hyperventilating so I was interested and joined last minute. I went to a sort of pier and the instructor (a girl I knew from middle school) was about to show us; however, she fell in the middle of the pier where there was an opening but somehow managed to get what she dropped and was able to get back up to where she was unharmed but a little out of breath maybe.

    Then, as we went up a mountain we were taught to use certain things that resembled balloons to breathe into and this helped a lot with preventing hyperventilation as I slowly used it to breathe.

    When we got up to the top of the “mountain” it was this ideal sort of castle/kingdom dreamy place that you might imagine while reading a book and I tried to walk around this icy place keeping the techniques I learned while travelling to the top in mind. I met some of my family there, but I wasn’t sure if they knew how to breathe while up there.

    So growing up, I had trouble navigating my sexuality and such and my parents tried to teach me not to do certain things that I was doing, and I tried to follow their advice, but being a teenager, we are very hormonal at times. Anyways, I am 18 now so I am trying to figure out how to “navigate” my sexuality still, and I have had some “experiences” although I am still a virgin. I want a male companion who will stay with me through everything, someone loyal and like myself and I feel as though I am trying to find the “ideal partner” to have an ideal relationship with, but I feel as though that may take a long time.

    As for the “girl from middle school”, she is someone who was very open in the ways that I mentioned, and I am friends with her on facebook but I haven’t talked to her in a while so I am not sure about that part.

    I used my book for interpreting dreams (like a dream dictionary) for this, so I have a general idea about this..but not the full analysis.

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