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Implication of a dream and exact thing happening

2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #1 by sayanimondal604

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  • Hello everyone :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. :)

    I live in India. Today one of my friend, female, 21 years old,told me a fact about her dream. She is actually scared and tensed about it. And I couldn't find any interpretation.

    She told me that today she was sitting at the corner of a sofa, which is south facing. Her brother was on the opposite side , diagonally from her. She was talking to her brother. At night she was feeling something, so she opened her diary , where she writes about her dreams every day , and read that 3 months 12 days before she saw exactly this dream. The sitting pattern ,her talking with her brother, every little talk were exactly the same as she saw in her dreams.

    Further she told, it's not the first time it's happening. Even 2 years before , she woke up from sleep , as she saw a death in the dream. After 4 hours her mother got call about her (mother's) aunt died. Even she (my friend) told her mother about this death dream before that phone call.

    She said it happened multiple times , although she is not saying that she can see the future.

    There is no time bound , like if she saw it today , then the reality happens within the next day or two. In face, there is no actual time bound.

    Is there any scientific implication about this dream , and that same thing happening in reality ?

    She is really scared , and also I am so worried.

    Hope I will get some implication.

    Thank you all.

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    2 years 2 days ago #2 by CC

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  • Precognitive dreams are possible, but incidences of them are extremely rare. In fact, they are so rare that dreamers should avoid the temptation of saying that they've had one until they've fully explored their symbolic meaning. For instance, death is an extremely common dream symbol (see: ). Given its meaning, isn't it far more likely that your friend experienced a change or separation in her waking life, than that the death in her dream was related to his specific aunt? Even if she dreamed that this specific aunt died (you didn't specify who died IN the dream), it may have been due to the dreamer's feelings of change or separation toward this aunt in her waking life... or that the dreamer may have heard that the aunt was not well (thus "a change")... or the dreamer may have sensed on a subconscious level that due to the aunt's age/condition, that a change or separation from her was imminent. That all assumes that the dreamer dreamed about this specific aunt.

    As for the seating arrangement on the sofa, couldn't that have been coincidence. After all, there are only so many seating combinations involving a small number of people. I don't mean to be submissive, but there are just way too few examples of documented/validated precognitive dreams for one to think that these dreams provide conclusive proof that her dream (specifically these) are precognitive.

    Finally, why would these 2 dream have been precognitive? Everyone dreams 100 minutes a night... so of the millions of dreams that we all have in our lives, what is it about these 2 dreams that worthy of being precognitive? And, not to be flippant, but why aren't precognitive dreams ever about the winning numbers in the lottery?

    Extensive scientific research support the conclusion of this website that dreams are symbolic expressions of our feelings, thoughts and awarenesses (intuition) about our waking life at the time of the dream. One has to wonder, what symbolic message the dreamer may have missed in her "death" dream because she didn't consider the examples of change and separation in her waking life at the time she had it. As for the seating pattern dream, it's hard to say whether or not that was imbued with symbolic meaning, but odds are that the emotional content of that dream was more meaningful.

    Bottom line, dreams should not be feared, just as our feelings should not be feared. They exist to inform us so that we can make better decisions in our life. At least, that's what I believe.

    I hope that helps!
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