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Children killed by sharks

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #1 by Glo1919

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  • Last night I had a dream that really bothered me I was with my kids and husband at the beach my kids were playing in the shore water I was looking when I a bit further out I saw blood just starting to spread in the water a few feet away! I started yelling for my kids to come out of the water as I was running down there. They couldn't hear me no one else even glanced at what was going on I saw my four year old son run out so I started yelling for my 8 yr old to get out he still didn't hear as I finally ran into the shore water he just got dragged under water and I couldn't see him anymore he was gone as I'm freaking out still in the shore trying to look for him under water my little one ran into the water and I yelled no don't come in here and just as I was reaching for him he was gone also taken under by a shark. I was in the water desperately hoping the Shark would come for me and my kids weren't gone but it didn't happen. They were gone and no one even came to help it was just me watching my kids get attacked helplessly. What does this mean??? It bothered me so much!

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    2 years 5 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • The meaning of a dream is always informed by the waking life background that generated it. You did not provide any of that information, but the meaning of the symbols should help you figure out why you had it. Here are the links to definitions of your dream's symbols on this website...

    can't communicate (variation of can't be heard):
    kidnapped (variation of taken/dragged away):

    As for the meaning... the dream reflects your concern (at the time you had it) about your kids being attacked, taken away and/or being "consumed" by a "shark" in your (and/or their) life. Can you identify who that is? It could be an ex or a relative or, for instance, in a divorce situation, the shark might represent your spouse's attorney in a custody battle.

    There are a few other Interesting clues in your dream. The fact that your children didn't hear you and no seemed to notice the shark or come to your/their aid, is your subconscious mind acknowledging that your children and others in your waking life are either oblivious of the "danger" or do not share your concern. That doesn't make it any less real, especially to you. The message of this dream is that you are deeply concerned about this person (shark) and what he/she may do to your children, including taking them away from you.

    Only the dreamer can validate the meaning of their dream, but it seems pretty clear that the waking life situation that generated yours is terrifying to you (feelings IN dreams are never disguised) and is worthy of your attention.

    Hope that helps. Take good care and good luck!

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