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Seduced by the devil!!

2 years 8 months ago #1 by DizzyDora007

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  • I have just woken from a dream where I think I was being seduced by the devil.
    I was with some people ( I can't place them now but I think the girl was a girl I don't like from work - she was my friend in the dream though ) in a city ( I think it was New York ). The girl asked had I ever watched the Ninja Turtles? She said there was a great secret bar underground that we should go to, but you bring your own drink. We lifted one of those man hole things and next thing we are in a bar. In the bar there was a black haired bar man. He was older than me, maybe in his early 40s. He was about 5.11, slim build, wearing a black shirt and black trousers, and his eyes were dark.
    There was some other people there too. A man asleep on a cushioned bench, and after we had drank our own drink (we only had enough for one drink each) a family arrived, carrying a baby's pram in. I remember thinking it wasn't right for them to bring a baby in there but I said nothing.
    The barman was giving me attention and my friend was off chatting and having a good time. I should mention that in real life I am married. The barman said he would make a special round of drinks for us all. He said it wod be the most exquisite drink we had ever tasted, and that each drink would be made specifically to the persons taste. I knew this man was the devil. He made up the drinks but made a fuss of me, presenting me with my drink first. He said 'This one is especially for DizzyDora, this one is a masterpiece!' And everyone looked on as I took the glass. I was thinking ' he wants to sleep with me, what do I do? I'm flattered, I don't want to offend, it's ok just to drink this and be nice to him and take the attention , I don't have to do anything, right?' And the whole time he was staring at me, telling me to taste... I knew if I tasted it, I'd have no control of what happened next... I took the glass, the liquid was clear and bubbles sparkled. It smelled like peaches and mango. Everyone was looking, I brought the class to my lips, I could feel the fizz on my nose, and some bubbles fizzed onto my lips, I could breath in the taste...... Then I woke up!!!!!

    Any takers?

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