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2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #1 by Miss_Guided

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  • I had the most real dream last night, it was so strange. I only remember portions of it with clarity now, but it was so real. I remember how everything physically felt and my emotions were really strong.

    The dream started with a guy I know (an acquaintance) yelling at me, telling me he thought he’d finally found somebody worth liking and he’d even told his family about me. I remember trying to explain something but he left angrily (I don’t know where we were, a first floor flat, perhaps).

    I spent time searching for him, but I also had to deal with the fact that my estranged sister was trying to hurt my Dad.

    Everyone was then gathered together and we were waiting for my sister so that we could protect my Dad. The guy was sat next to me (I’d found him, but I don’t know how) on the sofa but wouldn’t talk to me. I was crying because I was worried about my Dad and eventually he put his arm round me and I knew he’d forgiven me.

    My mum then turned to me and kept asking ‘you love him don’t you?’ but I didn’t want to reply...and that was it.

    I don't get it. This is not a male acquaintance that I have been harbouring feelings for, consciously at least. Any ideas?

    Thanks :cheer:

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    2 years 10 months ago #2 by CC

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  • People you know in dreams can be literal or symbolic. Dreams are symbolic expressions of your feeling, thoughts and awarenesses about your waking life at the time of the dream. So, if not this acquaintance, who else are you sensing on a subconscious level may be upset because you are not picking up on HIS romantic interest in you?

    The next part of your dream is about a family situation, given the presence of your estranged sister and your Dad. Estrangement is often hurtful, thus perhaps the sense you had that she was "trying to hurt" your Dad.

    Then, all of a sudden your acquaintance friend is there to forgive and comfort you, perhaps because the issue with your sister and father is worthy of empathy and compassion, even to someone who may feel jilted by you. That acceptance and forgiveness that he shows you makes you wonder (as voiced by your mum in the dream) whether or not you do have feelings for him.

    Without knowing the waking life background that generated your dream, it's hard to say who this man is or what generated your dream. If you could share that, it would be helpful in giving you a more conclusive interpretation. Given that disclaimer, my best guess is that there is a man in your life who you feel wants more of a relationship with you. You know on some level that he'd be angry that you don't share that feeling, but you also know that he'd be there for you to provide support... as in the nagging issue of your sister's estrangement and the hurt that is causing your father. The reason that you don't reply to your mother is that you aren't prepared to consider your good male friend as a romantic interest... despite the fact that your mother would approve of you having someone like him in your life to love.

    Hope that helps!
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