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Craziest dream I can't get off my mind. - help?

3 years 4 weeks ago #1 by jessibangs

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  • I had a dream where my exbest friend, who I haven't talked to you in 4 years, was my current best friend and we were walking around and she was telling me that she needed some way to get out of her abusive relationship. she said that her boyfriend hit her all the time and he was trying to get her to do drugs and a bunch of terrible things and I didn't know what to do. she asked if we could have a fake wedding between my boyfriend and her and when she first asked I didn't see anything wrong with it, I thought oh it's fake that's not a big deal sure we can have a little wedding. and we are at my mom and her boyfriends house. at the beginning of the dream it was just a normal house and it had a little side area where we were going to have the wedding. It was outdoors with a small pond and we were setting up lawn chairs. I asked my boyfriend if he would be okay with this and he seem skeptical at first thinking it was kind of strange but I talked him into it. so we're going about planning this fake wedding and it's supposed to be really small like have about 5 to 12 people there and we're still trying to set up the chairs and everything and there is this area of the yard but its like a sinkhole and so we can't have it there and so we go back to the house and now the house is bigger. at this point and has a area that would be perfect for an indoor wedding. it looks like a wedding facility at this point, but it's still my moms house and its beautiful dark stone work, looks very new, it's very pretty and the ground is paved in this beautiful design of gray rocks and so we go about planning this wedding and the more we plan the more excited she gets even though I keep reminding her that its fake and there will be no real marriage license or anything. and as the dream goes on the home gets bigger and turns into like this mansion / hotel I think. Now they have a basketball court in it, it has a workout room, it has a Grand Ballroom. at this point I have a flash forward I guess you could say of me and my boyfriend sitting in a coffee shop talking and he says he regrets doing this favor and I was really upset and I was asking him why we can't just run away and he looks over in its just my ex best friend holding a baby like as if they were actually married and they had a child together. I also have another flash forward of us not doing this living our normalized life happily together. then I snap back to this reality and I'm standing in this Grand Ballroom and there are hundreds of people there and its three stories. the main floor is where the wedding is supposed to happen to 2nd floor is like balconies and the third floor is split to where the people are getting ready and just to reiterate how fancy it is there is a staircase that has the lights built into the stairs and it goes all the way up to the third floor and it's kind of curved and there are two elevators one leading to the girls section one leading to the guys section we're changing the lights on a touchpad on the wall. It's huge and the same darker colored theme as earlier except now it's wood. and again this is my moms and her boyfriends house I guess and my moms boyfriend is not who he really is in real life. I'm helping them decide what lights need to be on and what needs to be done and I turn around and see all of these people and there is a giant cake and caterers running around and they are building a elaborate flower design down the aisle and I all of a sudden panic and I run upstairs to where my ex best friend is getting a beautiful huge wedding dress on and telling everyone how excited she is and how long she's waited for this day. So I go up to her and I say isn't this fake though and she was like oh yeah it totally is fake but then she continued on like this is her real wedding and she's so in love with my boyfriend. so I rush over to the other part of the upstairs that is for just the guys in my boyfriend just sitting on his couch in his underwear watching TV and I express to him my how I don't want to do this anymore I don't want to help her. I don't think that she's just doing this to get away for her abusive boyfriend and he says oh I thought we were doing it as a favor, what happened? and I was like we just need to go. we need to get out of here we need to leave right now. And I'm hugging him tightly and he's rubbing my back. He said okay and we run hand in hand out to the limo that was outside and we just drove away and he's still in his underwear and I just leaned up against him and we're cuddling and everything feels okay and calm. he said "well that was weird" and we laughed. Then I woke up. :S

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