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White Snake Bites Pregnant Wife

4 years 7 months ago #1 by MACRORY

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  • There was a white snake, and I captured it. My wife kept going on and on about it wasn't safe to have it in the house or in the container. So I took it outside and she followed fussing about the snake. Then I released it, and the snake bit her. I was so worried that our baby or her wouldn't make it, as she is pregnant. What does this dream mean?!

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    4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • As with all dreams, context is everything... not only the context of the symbols in the dream and how you feel about them, but the waking life circumstances that generated your dream. Snakes can mean a variety of things in dreams. Here's a link to its definition on this website:


    Snakes in dreams often represent someone we know who is capable of attacking (biting)... a snake in the grass. Another way to identify him/her in your waking life is how did you feel about it the dream. Feelings IN dreams are never disguised, so how you felt in the dream is how you feel about him/her in your waking life. It would seem to be someone in your waking life who your wife is wary of. Perhaps, it's someone you have brought into your home/life. Your dream suggests that you, too, are worried about the effect that it will have on your wife/baby/family. Another clue is its color. White is often associated with purity and spirituality. Not knowing you or your life, I'd hesitate to guess who it is, but hopefully those clues will help you ID that person. One you figure out who it is, you'll know that you have concerns about that person as it relates to your wife, baby and family. It might be time to let that person (snake) slither out of your life... in the interest of keeping your family (and you) safe.

    Hope that helps!

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