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5 years 6 months ago #1 by smoke_eater

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  • Hey guys i have been dreaming more or less the same dream for the past two weeks and decided to try and get some input on what they mean. Also this has happened before.

    Most Recent reoccurring Dream:
    I have decided to enlist in the military and ever since i have made that decision i have been dreaming about being a soldier in a firefighter and every time has resulted me retreating then being shot in the back three times. Its weird, i feel myself falling down then my vision starts to get dark, when it becomes pitch black i wake up.

    Other reoccurring dream
    As a firefighter it isnt unheard of dreaming of about previous calls, however this one i have never ran anything like.
    It starts out as me in a burning building with one of the guys on my crew performing search and rescue procedures then all of a sudden i get separated from my teammate. The dream is already pitch black from smoke, a piece of ceiling pins my leg to the ground and all of a sudden i see the fire. All during this experience i hear my low air alarm blaring in the background and as i get lower and lower on air once again my vision begins to go dark then i wake up. Waking up from this one i normally am sweating and have an increased heart rate.

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    5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Recurring dreams are often the result of unresolved issues that weigh on us emotionally. Here's a link to its definition on this site: So, consider what was going on in your waking life at the time the dreams first began.

    The first dream is clearly a reflection of your feelings about enlisting in the military, not only because that is when they began, but because the symbols support it. The military is a common dream symbol, but because you had just made the decision to enlist, it is represented literally in your dream. Here are links to the definitions of the other key symbols:

    battle (firefight):

    The dream would appear to represent your feelings about your decision to enlist. It's unclear from what you wrote ("being a soldier in a firefighter") if you are in a firefight in the dream or are a soldier in a firefighter suit? If the former, it could represent the "battle" you are waging in your personal or professional life with those who are "fighting" with you about your decision. If the latter, it's more likely to be about the feelings you are having about the transition in careers.

    Your "retreat" represents your desire to disengage from the "battle"... either from your job & co-workers or your family/personal relationships... or it could represent your desire to "get away from" the internal battle/struggle involved in making the decision.

    Getting shot in the back represents the "shots" you felt you were taking "behind your back," from others (co-workers, friends, family) or even your doubting self on some level.

    When it goes "dark" in the dream, it reflects your feeling of being "in the dark" about either who or why your "attackers" are taking shots or your sense of confusion about what's ahead for you after enlistment. Death in dreams is always about change and separation... your current life is going to "die" resulting in both change and separation from your current routine and life. It's not literal.

    The meaning of the second dream is not unlike the first. Fires in dreams represent a burning issue in waking life. The fact that it's a burning building, as opposed to a house, suggest that the dream is about your work, because that's where work takes place. Here are links to the definitions of the symbols in this dream:

    can't see:

    The decision to enlist is the likely burning issue. A co-worker symbolically searches to rescue you (to keep you from enlisting?) and you become separated from your teammate, which is symbolizes what your enlistment will cause... separation. Your leg gets pinned down, reflecting your sense of a loss of balance and support, as you try to break free. It gets pitch dark from smoke (another symbol of fire and the burning issue), again reflecting your awareness that you can't really see what's coming, most likely as a result of your decision. You may also feel that your current career is suffocating you (as in, there's no growth potential) and you need to get out. This dream also ends in you dying, reflecting your awareness that your decision will cause your current life to "end."

    Feelings IN dreams are never disguised. So, how you feel IN the dream, is how you are feeling about the subject of your dream in waking life. In the case of the second dream, dealing with the "burning issue," causes your confront your fear/anxiety about the unknown (military life) and/or giving up what you currently have.

    Once you come to grips with these feelings and why you are having them, these recurring dreams should go away.

    Hope that helps!

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    4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #3 by vittorio8531

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  • Habits are decisions repeated so often that your mind doesn't have to think them. It just assumes and supports your repeated actions. You don't have to decide to brush your teeth before bed - you just do it. What started as a decision is now ingrained, automatic. (Think about your decisions and habits that affect your weight and health.)By making consistently good decisions, you create habits that support your Dreams and desires.

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