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Always waking up in my lucid dream at the best part

4 months 1 week ago #1 by Shifu

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  • To put it simply, I have lucid dreams all the time. I have since I was a kid. I have never learnt to control them though.

    I will constantly wake up whenever the dream gets good or if I think too much about me being able to control and change things.

    It almost seems like there is something that wants to keep control of my dream and when it realizes I have control it stops me by waking me up.

    This can be from anything I do out of the ordinary. Maybe starting a fight, start talking to others saying that this is a dream, start doing little “magical” things that you obviously can’t do in real life.

    No matter what I always wake (numerous times every night) at the best parts when I try to alter or make the dream better in my mind.

    Any input would be highly helpful. As long as it’s not that stupid answer that people always say “it’s because that’s the only part you remember”. I’ve been having lucid dreams long enough to know it’s more than that.

    I believe (unfortunately) it has something to do with a regulated heart beat. Meaning whenever I get excited about doing these things in my dream, my heart starts to race which in turn wakes me up. But even with more than 15+yrs trying to control this, I still can’t keep my heart rate down.

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