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Large snake dream

5 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Dflmng1

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  • I am new here. I am searching for answers for this dream it hasn't left me and online searches definitely are not what I experienced. For some back ground I am a 29 year old mother, I work like my career. I'm not really at any crosspath in life, I am spiritual and have been feeling a bit out of sync the two days leading to this dream. I work and then I'm with my husband and kids I don't go out I don't party or anything like that. I lead a pretty simple basic life. So my dream is this : I was in brown primal clothing. I felt warmth like being by a fire and light but did not actually see afire or look at one. It was night time outdoors. I was on red dusty rocks sitting with a huge sized rattle snake on the ground around me. He had a bright yellow belly. And feathers like a native decorating his head. He moved around me and moved on me as well. It was very calming. He would lift his head eye level to me and I would just understand my connections to things around me. I sensed feelings of oneness and freedom. I can't remember the message relayed by this snake. But I remember how smooth it felt how beautiful and how calm I was during this visit in my dream. It felt like I have met this snake before.

    I can't remember message because my son woke me up so that portion of the dream has left me unfortunately. I was very much in this dream I had control I was in a state of consciousness in my unconscious.

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