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Recurring dream, ocean waves

2 years 1 month ago #1 by Caton

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  • In this dream I am at the window of the house I grew up in (at the top of a hill) and the ocean waves are rolling up right onto the windows (front of the house is down at ocean level in the dream). I know I am dreaming and there is tension, but no panic in the dream. I have always wondered what it meant. Any ideas?

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    2 years 4 days ago - 2 years 2 days ago #2 by CC

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  • Water in dreams is a consistent symbol for emotions. How water behaves in a dream reflects the nature of those emotions. Waves suggest turbulent emotions... and rising water, as described in your dream, reflect rising emotions. Windows in dreams reflect "a desire to see what's on the other side, often the future. Trouble seeing through window in a dream reflects a sense that the future (as it relates to that issue/situation) is hard to see in waking life."

    Here are links to the definitions of the symbols in your dream on this website:


    So, your dream is about your rising emotions surrounding a future/upcoming event or issue in your waking life at the time you had the dream. The fact that you don't feel panic is encouraging in that you know subconsciously that the upcoming issue, is a tense one for you (feelings in dreams are never disguised). Your dream reflects your awareness that it is a situation that is beyond your control. Given the setting (family home), it may be related to your family life, including something anchored in the past. You didn't provide any waking life background for the dream, so it's impossible to say specifically what that is. The fact that the dream is recurring suggests that either the waking life issue is recurring or it is reminiscent of other tense moments you've experienced in that area of your life.

    Just know that whenever you have this dream, there's something going on in your waking life that is of concern and may demand that you seek "higher ground" to protect yourself emotionally.

    Hope that helps!

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