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Hiding in a dream reflects your sense that you are (or someone else is) hiding in some area of your (their) waking life, often in a personal or professional context.  Hiding in dreams, like many action symbols, is a "literal" symbol, in the sense that "hiding" is the exact action, but the enviroment and/or circumstances for hiding are symbolic. Ask yourself where you feel as if you (or another) is hiding in your (their) waking life. If still uncertain, look to other clues in the dream. Does it occur in a personal or professional environment? Can you identify who or what you (or the other) are hiding from?  If the pursuer (the person/thing from which you are hiding) is unfamiliar or inappropriate (such as an aligator, celebrity or ghost), be sure to familiarize yourself with its meaning in our dream dictionary.  Focus on main attributes of what/whom you are hiding from, and do not allow the smaller details of the pursuer to distract you from its waking life identity.

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