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Ex-lovers, ex-fiancés, ex-spouses and ex-sweethearts often appear in dreams if a relationship ended abruptly, without emotional closure. Do you still wonder if it could have worked out differently? If your ex ended the relationship, you may dream of him or her when you feel as if you are being judged or are seeking someone's approval... again.

Do you miss some qualities that your ex-fiance possessed? Are these qualities lacking or missing in a current relationship? These dreams don't mean you really want your ex-fiance back, but they are showing you what you need in your current relationship.  Conversely, if the experience with the ex-fiance in the dream is negative, abusive or difficult, the ex-fiance may symbolize your current partner and your concerns that your relationship is headed down the wrong road... again.

Dreams of being romantically involved with an ex frequently represent fears of commitment with a current lover, rather than genuine attraction to the old lover. Are you ready to leave the past behind? An ex-lover who continues to pursue a former partner in real life may show up negatively in dreams, in a haunting or stalking character. If you are having trouble making contact with an old lover in a dream, it reflects your feeling that you need closure in that relationship.

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