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Animals in dreams typically represent people we know in real life. Many land animals are common dream symbols. If the animal in your dream is not literal (such as a current pet), consider the qualities of the animal and your feelings about those qualities to determine its identity in your waking life.  Horses can represent children, who are full of vitality, or the sexuality of adolescence and young adulthood (a "stud"). Bears represent people we know with tempers. (Don't disturb a "sleeping bear!") Wolves represent people we perceive as threats, who might attack suddenly. An elephants can represent a large, heavy,  lumbering person. Any small animal, especially those that are associated with pets, are a common fertility symbols, associated with babies or children because we want to care for and/or treat them like a child. These are common symbols for pregnant women or those who want to conceive.

Water animals in dreams are also common in dreams. Amphibians, because their habitat is water, symbolize people or forces in our waking life with a large emotional charge. Fish in dreams are fertility symbols, because they are small, primitive creatures that live in water, not unlike an embryo in the womb. Sharks in dreams represent aggressive people, often in business or sexual contexts. Whales, like dolphins, in dreams are associated with the emotional and spiritual wisdom, except on an even larger scale.

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