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A car in a dream is a common symbol of the self, "the direction we are headed in our lives." A more immediate symbol than planes, trains and ships (which indicate larger concerns and transitions) due to its ubiquity in everyday living. Dreams of brake failure and difficulty steering are common metaphors for feelings of being out of control, emotionally, in our lives.

Difficulty "seeing the road ahead" indicates uncertainty about the future. Being a passenger in the front or back seat instead of the driver indicates your sense that someone or something else is "steering" or in control of your life. (Can you identify the influence?) New cars are associated with new jobs, new relationship status (marriage, pregnancy, new role as mother, father) and new projects. Cars with mechanical problems, that run out of gas, stall, or have a flat tire reflect feelings of powerlessness, low self-esteem or depression. Will you be able to arrive at your hoped-for destination? If your car is stolen in a dream, ask yourself who or what situation may have stolen your focus or control in waking life.

Dreams of car accidents, as a rule, should not be considered literally precognitive. They are reflections of emotional "loss of control," however, which causes excessive behaviors and erratic decisions in waking life.

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