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Traveling in a boat in your dream reflects your feeling that you are navigating emotional issues in your waking life. How is the water behaving? It reflects your sense of the emotional currents that you are riding on in your waking life. Lifeboats reflects feelings of crisis (are you going to stay afloat?) Battleships symbolize struggles in your waking life, such as divorce or custody battles.) Cruise ships represent romantic feelings bout your love life. Ferries or tug boats reflect feelings of carrying or pulling a heavy load in your life, emotionally. If the boat in your dream crashes, it reflects feelings of being “out of control” in waking life with concern that you (or those involved) are either about to “crash” or have already endured a damaging experience. If the boat in your dream is sinking, you feel as if are “sinking” in your effort to reach a goal. 

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