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Babies in dreams often reflect literal concerns about the birth cycle and the responsibilities of parenthood. If these conditions are not present or relevant to the dreamer's life (a parent whose children already are grown, for example) the appearance of babies or dreams of giving birth may function as metaphors for new career or business projects, the "product" of a romantic relationship, or for a developing aspect of the personality. Correspondingly, twins and triplets can represent two and three issues or concerns, respectively, in the waking life of the dreamer.

Abandoned baby: Common dream among women who are not yet prepared for the responsibilities of motherhood. In the dream a baby is present, but the dreamer shows a willful disregard for the child. The dreamer is resisting social pressures to have children, or may fear an accidental pregnancy for which she is unprepared due to career, financial, or emotional reasons.

Dead baby: Not to be taken literally, a common symbol reflecting concerns that a new project or relationship in waking life is dead. A stillborn baby in a dream reflects anxiety that an "unborn" project or relationship will never be "born."

Disappearing baby: Common dream in the wake of an abortion, miscarriage, or actual death of a child. The baby is present, but then suddenly disappears.

Happy baby: Often very powerful literal dreams, frequently experienced by mothers who are expecting, or happily anticipating motherhood. The mother bonds deeply with her unborn child.

Neglected baby: Common dream among young mothers, reflecting literal anxieties about the responsibilities of motherhood. In more experienced mothers dreams of neglected babies may symbolize neglect of relationship with one's partner, (the fruit of the relationship). Also can symbolize neglect of oneself: Dreamer is not caring for one's inner child.

Premature baby: Dreams of a premature baby reflect concerns that the "baby" has arrived too soon and you aren't prepared. 

Talking baby: Common dream among new and expecting mothers. In the dream, mother and newborn are able to converse fluently. These dreams express a new mother's desire to communicate with her child. The conversations often are not profound, and may express routine thoughts, ideas and concerns occupying the mother's mind.

Unprepared for baby: Common dream among couples actively trying to conceive, or who are experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant due to medical complications. The dream is similar to dreams of being unprepared to take an exam in school or college. Will the dreamer pass the test, and make the transition to parenthood?

Wounded baby: Is a project you are nurturing (career or business development) in peril? Wounded babies also can symbolize troubled relationships, which are in danger of "dying."

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