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I am a 38-year-old woman, and my very best friend whom I have known and been close to since I was in the sixth grade lives a state away from me. We don't communicate as much as we once did -- our lives are so totally opposite. I am married, have six children and a granddaughter, and she is divorced and has never had any children. But still we feel very close to each other and have made trips to visit each other when we can. My mother used to let me take the Greyhound bus out to see her at least once a year when I was a teen. But over the last several years, I have not been able to do this near as much.

I have had several dreams in which I go to visit her. The dreams are all different, but in one way they are all the same. The common factor is that once I get there, I always have a very hard time making it back home to my husband and children -- sort of like I am stuck there. In these dreams, I am always feeling frantic about getting back home. It almost makes me nervous to really try to plan a visit to see her.

Please help me to figure out what this means. Her mother just passed away within the last four months, and I feel guilty that I haven't gone to see her, but my dreams have bothered me enough that I haven't tried as hard as I should to make it out there.

Scared to be stranded,

—Vel, age 38, Utah, USA

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