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I have always seemed to have very vivid and sometimes very frightening dreams. One of the people I dream most often about is my youngest sister. At one point in her life she tried to take her own life and because of a dream, I was able to find her when no one else knew where she was, I in fact was unfamiliar with the area in which she was found until she came up missing and I guess you would have to use the term deja vu for how I found her.There have been similar instances with dreams of her, nothing as drastic, mostly little things like her water pipes breaking and things like that. My dreams do not always directly tell me exactly what is going to happen but I know that if I dream of her that something is wrong, so far I have been right every time it has happened. I told you this story to give you a little history of my dreaming, but what I am really writing you about is a dream that I had two nights ago.

My husband and I live on a back country road about four miles from the main road in town, the evening before I had this dream we were driving into town when I saw a young man, about 14 or 15 years old that I see quite often, skate boarding in the street. Our road is not busy but some people are careless and speed over it. He always gets out of the road in plenty o
f time, but I mentioned to my husband that I feared that someday someone was going to hit him if he did not find a safer place to ride his skateboard.

The dream I had makes my hair stand on end every time I think of it because I would feel so helpless if anything did happen to him because I don't even know his name or have I ever spoken to him.

I dreamed that it was early morning and I was on my way to work, as I passed the house where this young man lives I happened to look up at one of the trees in their front yard and notice feet dangling from the inside area of the tree. I pulled off the side of the road, the opposite side from which I was traveling and from which the boys house was and vaguely remember either talking to a man from a house accross the street or out of a passing car on his way to work also. All I remember feeling was sick that this young man had committed suicide and hung himself in the tree in his front yard and trying to get the man I was talking to to help me cut him from the tree before his mother saw him hanging there. I was so scared and sorry for her. Does this mean anything or am I just scared for his life because he plays in the road? Help me. 

--Andi, Age 27, Montrose, COLORADO, USA

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