the daily snooze

  • 22% of all women report that sleep problems interfere with their day to day activities “a few days a week.”

  • 15% report interference with performing household duties.

  • 12% report interference with relationship with spouse or partner.

  • 9% report interference with relationship with children.

  • 12% report interference with job duties.

  • 7% report interference with caring for their family.

  • 8% report interference with relationships with extended family and friends.

  • Women between the ages of 25 and 34 (31%) tend to be more likelythan their younger (21%) and older (18%-22%) counterparts to report sleepiness interfering with their daily activities at least a few days a week.


  • About one-half of women are at least somewhat likely to be in a bad mood, sad or angry (53%) when they are sleepy during the day.


  • About two in ten women (18%) say a doctor has told them they have a sleep disorder.

    Source: The National Sleep Foundation’s 2007 Women and Sleep Poll

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