walking & terror in adults

Through my childhood and as a young adult I was a sleep walker. Now as an adult of 42 years I have matured into night terrors (I guess getting up and walking around takes too much exercise).

It is the same fantasy setting each time; dark cave with moss and water coming down the walls and spiders coming after me. What has me so concerned is that I can open my eyes and tell myself I am dreaming but the vision of spiders does not go away. My poor husband tries to rationalize with me and I become even more angry and determined.

We have learned that if we keep the bedroom illuminated these episodes do not occur. However, every time the room is completely dark they do. This can be a problem when we are away from home.

My question is: Why do my eyes still see the dream vision when my mind is telling me it’s not there? Help!!  

—Leslie, Age 41, Married 21 years, Shelton, WA, USA

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