wake up running

I am getting very worried about the dreams I am having. I am actually physically running around the house. I dream that someone or something is going to attack me or try to lock me up in a room, so I need to escape fast before they lock the door.

These dreams have got progressively worse over the past year. I can remember suffering with it about ten years ago, when I literally ran down the stairs absolutely hysterical. It ended up with me ripping my gold wedding ring on our stair gates. It wasn’t until I woke up in the morning that my husband told me what had happened. I looked at my finger and it was bleeding with the gold ripped.

The other night, I dreamt that someone was trying to lock me in the bedroom, and there were loads of people all laughing as they locked me in. I ran to the door and started banging it really loudly so that someone would hear me and help me. I went out onto the landing where the light was on and I finally came around with my heart pounding again!

These dreams usually happen within the first hour of falling asleep. I have been to my general practicioner numerous times, who on the last occasion mentioned that if these do not stop in the next month he is considering sending me to a pyschiatrist! I was totally devastated about this, hence, I went on the Internet to see if there is anyone else with this abnormality.

Please let me know if you can help me with this matter. I have about three of these nightmares PER WEEK and it is putting me off going to bed. It’s driving me mad! 

 —Sarah, Age 30, Married, UK

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