riding a wave

I was sitting in a circle or semi-circle with a group of women I didn’t know on the beach. It was a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day and the ocean behind us was a clear, sparkling turquoise. It seemed quite expansive.

We were happy and laughing and I think we were eating lunch. Soon a huge wave came rolling up behind us, and we scooped up our sandwiches and were swept on top of the wave as it rushed toward shore. We were laughing.

This time the person I was with I knew. She was an old friend I haven’t seen for years. The dream ended as we were riding on top of the wave.

I think my friend has been on my mind because she recently moved from one part of the country to another (not near me). She moved back to the state (not the town), where we grew up. The town was near the beach, where we spent many weekends together with a big group of people as teenagers. She also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and that’s coming up. In the past we exchanged cards.

I read somewhere that laughter in a dream can have a contrary meaning, and could be read as a negative. The emotional setting of the entire dream, though, was happy...bright, sunny day, sparkling clear ocean. I’ve been going through a horrible time recently, with themes of betrayal (not my husband), friendship break-up, guilt, and trying to resolve these things in my own mind. I usually don’t remember my dreams, so that’s why I was anxious to write you about this one.


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