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I have dreams that are usually seemingly pointless.. they go noplace, but get somewhere... In one dream, I was in my elementary school cafeteria (I’m in high-school now, and in the dream, I’m not any different than usual, if it helps...) and everything was the same, except for the color schemes. I was standing in line with some of my friends (smarter ones) waiting to get food.. they had three choices... the only one I remember was “Moon Mush” which (doesn’t exist, of course)and seemed to be the most appetizing. It looked like watered down potato flakes with peas and corn.. :-\ and that was what I got...

After I got my food, and paid for it, I went to sit down (the trays were really small.. if that helps...)and when I went to the table I used to sit at, all the people I knew from middle school (mostly 8th grade years....).......

--Any Meaning?

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