intruder in my bedroom! (or) REM paralysis

I have this dream which is very disturbing. I dream that I am awake in my bed with my husband asleep beside me, and the only light in the room is what the moon shines in from outside. I get a feeling that there is someone laying on me, but I cannot see anyone. I scream and what ever was on me I hear it get off and walk towards the door. That wakes up my husband and I tell him what happened, only I am still dreaming (but I don’t know it). Then I hear the person walking to the bedroom door and I scream again and I actually wake up and my husband does ask me what happened and all I can say is I thought I already told you.

I have been having bad dreams for the last week, whether it be someone coming after me or someone or something that I cannot see grabbing at me and pulling me into the dark. My dreams are really starting to scare me and are now waking me up terrified. I have tried to go to sleep thinking about funny things, things that make me happy, but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Do you have any suggestions?

Afraid to Sleep,

--Lori, Age 25, Campbell River, British Columbia, CANADA

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